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I am a 20 something quivering in anticipation at the fronding flagella motors of beginnings in this birth canal that we call life.

these breaths that I let my lungs collect are "love me" tinder that might just burn s'more.
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THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome to Night Vale is the best podcast that has never not existed and you are now required to listen to it.


Okay, so I could not find any sort of map or layout of Night Vale and (being a huge nerd who used to make D&D Maps for her brother) I took it upon myself to make a large, comprehensive, and possibly entirely incorrect series of maps which I will have to continually alter as new podcasts come out. This is just how I picture it. I re-listened through the whole thing and took down a bunch of notes haha. I think it’s all as correct as it can be (at least as far as “First Date”). If anyone notices something incorrect please let me know.

(btw you can open that first map up in a new tab to see it better)


I had a few days off work so i listened through all of Welcome to Night Vale. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a narrative podcast in the form of a community radio broadcast out of a town that sounds like Sunnydale and Twin Peaks had a mutant baby, read by Fox Mulder’s great grand-child.

Bless the station interns. They will all be remembered fondly.

Let’s all hear it for half-assed drawings of radio booth equipment, ammiright?



Cosmic booty for some reason makes me think of Noh-Varr. I blame Saga.


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oh my god

That’s actually incredible when you think about it. They sculpted the animation smears. Like…holy shit they didn’t just go, meh, just move the action along. They MADE the animation.


Oh my GOD how did I miss this.


Ant Man by Tyler Champion / Website


Ouroboros brass hoops

6g silver weights with carved warthog tusk bats


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